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What I will do for you…

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First Time Home Buyer

I will provide you with a 12 step To-Do List to help

you get started on this exciting journey.

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Loan Pre Approval

Most Sellers are requiring a Pre-approval before showing their home. You want to have one done prior

to “shopping houses” as we are not able to submit an

offer without your Loan pre-approval. If you don’t have a lender, I can refer a few to you, to choose from.

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New Home Search

I will take down all of the information regarding the type of home you are searching for, including the area that you are interested in. With that information, I will set up an auto email for the inventory of active homes to be emailed to you on a daily basis for you to review.

Home for Heroes

Under Scates Realty and Investments, I am certified to assist you purchase a home under the Homes for Heroes program. Ask me today for more information.

Hometown Heroes

This is a unique program of which I am certified to assist you in purchasing a home under the Hometown Heroes program. Hometown Heroes gives you 5% (up to $25,000) towards your closing costs. The money for this is placed as a 2nd mortgage that does not collect interest and does not get paid back until you sell the home. You are able to make payments towards it, if you like, however, it is not expected for you to do so.

Veterans United

We are partnered with Veterans United to assist you with purchasing a home as well as you will receive money back through their program, depending on the contract price of the home.

In person Showings

The Weekends generally work best for me and I love

to show a nice handful of homes so that you can have a nice pallet to work with. It’s okay if a home doesn’t jump out at you. We still have plenty of weekends left.

Making an offer

Together we will decide what offer to make to the seller. This is where I do my best to shine for you, getting you an amazing home at a price that you are comfortable with. Once the offer is accepted, the real work begins.

Contract Package

Once we have an accepted offer, my Transaction Coordinator will fine tune everything and make sure you have all the deadline dates you need. I will give you 3 Home Inspectors to choose from. Your lender will order the appraisal. I will always include an appraisal contingency in the contract package as a way of protecting the monies you’ve put down in the event the approval comes back lower than the contract amount.

Final Walk thru

24 to 48 hours before closing, we will receive the closing statement that will outline all of the money details. I will review it to verify that everything has been calculated correctly and that nothing “extra” has slipped over onto your side. We will also do a final walk thru either the afternoon before closing or the morning of closing. This is to make sure that the seller did their due diligence in making your new home “move in ready”.

Closing Day!!

Yay! We made it!! We will meet at the title company chosen by the Seller. You will have received wiring instructions 48 hours prior to this date. The day before closing, you will need to wire any closing funds that are needed. Once all of the documents are signed and the monies have been received, which is typically not long after you’ve signed, you will receive the keys to your new home!!